Save You

from by Gradteachem

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Awesome way to show his diversity!! This record is Definitely 1 of my favorites . Grad talks about an ex girlfriend, that becomes someone he doesn't recognize anymore. It's not a Break up record but rather a look into how much a woman can change; when she dates someone else that's not actually good for her.


Save You
(Written & Preformed by Terrence “Gradteachem” Dunlap)

(Man speaking)

Verse 1
I can't save you I can't save you/ was never the type, baby don't like them niggas that play you/ Cause they would do u wrong take you out/ they would pay too/ just to get you back to telly, fuck you and slay you/ my nigga said you was better than that/ and I would say true/ they say that you was stripping in DOA I said not you / you healthy you don't drink/ unless it's you that you toast to/ you only put up with that bullshit because you chose to/ you and ya friends intercostal / vacations all paid by you/ how could u miss out on love, how could you let it by you/ ya father showed you love/ been there for you since 92 that makes you 22/ 22 he’s been around you, years.. how could u let em interfere / you ain't hood you gangsta, you was raised up on a hill/ and starting to think it's time for you to finally switch gears/ But that’s something that you might not wanna hear.. but here it is..

Pre Hook
I cant save you, I cant save you now, I cant save you I cant save you, NOW.. I cant save you NOW I cant save you..

I could never see the places you was going / cause u acted so much different around them niggas you was going, with.. and I can't save you cause you out too deep ,I can't swim so I was forced to turn another cheek

Verse 2

I was forced to go alone without you/ I was forced to make a song about you/ guess it was all written for someone to come in, reroute you / I would make like shit didn't hurt, took every single once to/ shit imma G and MOB is what we practice nigga/ but like A.I. what is practice what is practice nigga/ girl this aint you and this ain't me/ and every LOVE come wit a fee/ so let me pay it at the front just like paying at the pump.. (just like paying at the pump) I was the one that probably could make a difference / you had a kid without me, no need of assistance / I had ya legs shaking/ I gave you the business / now everything is outta focus, ain't how I envisioned/ but what’s planned is often damned, so if she came back/ we'll start all over again / make like nothing did happen / then become friends again/ but if she leaves again/ I can't save her after then ugh

Pre Hook
(Man Continue’s speaking)


from TheBeforeEp, track released June 6, 2015



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Gradteachem Atlanta, Georgia

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