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TheBeforeEp is enriched with 6 BRAND NEW original records written & performed by Gradteachem. There are 2 features including his brother, Grammy award-winning DunlapExclusive & A very known MC from Nashville Tn, STAN ! The Ep is an open window into his full album, "DewarsThinkrs" set to be released later this year


released June 16, 2015




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Gradteachem Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: IDK
“IDK” –Gradteachem
(Written & Preformed by Terrence “Gradteachem” Dunlap)

Verse 1

ugh I could probably be the man but you probably doubt me/ not a
Believer cause the people round u doubt me, I be...wit all the models/ club promoters, you just in the lobby/ give me chance to introduce me/ would you please allow me/ the opposites attract that's why u always at my parties/ oh it ain't cool no more nobody throwing back the mollies/ you went to college but yo ass didn't finish college/ so much ass in my class/ I just went for bodies… I’m so ashamed, I’m so a’fucking shamed/ I put ya number in my phone but I ain't save ya name / these bitches too temporary like a fake chain/ and I'm just trying hump on ya call ya Notre Dame/& I aint never show emotions like a poker game/ but I will text emoljis to yo main thang…./ I’m in Houston tippin on em aint a thang Changed.. rip to pimp/ I asked my dawg yesterday how much the rental rent/ I had a show and needed wheels to get us back to Richmond/ my homie Dutch He the realist niggas back in Richmond/ he copped the rental/ said he got me now we back in business .. I'm hopping out telling niggas we the best that did it / Rothschild is the label I’m the lieutenant/ sometimes-I’m-lost/ I need 20/20.. Where is Barbara Walters at I need my 20/20.. ugh young nigga how u really feel/ oh I ain't playing right / let's level at the playing field/ bet a dollar shoot a dollar put 50 mil/ bitch I put everything on me, idk I don't feel you lil homies/ my security the best make a move on me/ they'll rip ya ass apart now ur 2 homies..

Pre Hook

If you ain't know, nigga talk about it/ they don't wanna see the truth they just walk around it / they ain't never in the booth/ ain't recording nothing/ they just there smoke tree ain't created nothing/ they just talking bout them broads they ain't bussin nothing / they aint riding all them cars / they ain't up & coming.. yeah they paid for all them shows/ Show what's coming from it.. idk nigga I don't know just keep it funky..

Hook x8
IDK IDK ie ie ie !!

Verse 2
Reporting live from the staples center, bad bish I’d prefer chicks independent/ right hand on the bible lord is my witness/ I been partying too much I should scale it back/ I been living life empty pass another glass/ now I'm drowning in my thoughts call a fucking cab/ oh you laughing to the bank, I forgot to laugh/ here’s a couple/ (laughs) chuckles for you fucking funny guys/ we out here working in our circuits you just ride the tides/ its such a pleasant day in paradise to hang glide/ jet ski’s how ya chick be/ I only left for moment & she miss me/ them girls faster than a mah’ fuckin 10 speed/ that's y I wrap it up twice/ she assist me x2 / ugh yeah ... it's kinda funny how them niggas do ya/ back in school they didn’t want me on a track wit em/ now they reaching for feature/ I don’t rack wit em, I mean rock wit em/ lean wit it rock wit em/ round the time they made lean wit rock wit em / my brother had the old caprice/ wit the drop in it / you can hear em down the way nigga idk

Pre Hook
Hook x8
Track Name: B*tch I'm Living
B*tch I’m Living
(Written & Preformed by Terrence “Gradteachem” Dunlap)

“Let me live”
“that’s all I ask”


Bitch I’m living!!

That’s what I tell them Fuck niggas pussy niggas why you staring take a picture

Been recording all night, till the morning like I ain't even ate dinner

“Bitch I’m living” x5 / Don't tell a Fuck nigga how u living cause they'll probably try to get ya!!

Verse 1

Its probably DOA to MAGIC CITY/ MAGIC CITY then them bitches hit the mattress wit me / shit I done grown allot them niggas used to call me peasy/ didn’t have it hard but the road to riches wasn't easy/ and.. I swear when I made it/ buy my momma a house/ man I'm bout to show em what the teachem about/ ugh after shit that I done been thru/ I never ask for shit, man fuck yo sentimental.. I done did this shit alone/ So many places that I cant be/ shit I would need myself a clone/ making it out was the only thing I was ever really on/ I told em when its time they would drop every dime/ and it will equal up the time, that I spent on you fuck niggas/ when you see me Instagram the picture/ ugh so my Brother won a Grammy/ and my Momma dance for Ojays/ it was bound for this to happen u just mad because I'm ok/ I'm talking great big smiles like koolaid/ concrete rose I'm the bouquet/ running through my city like Diddy, Bobby Booyah/ business meetings over soufflé & you can bet I’m getting ahead like toupees .. yeah u betta tell em to alert ya/ I’m trying sit at the foot of a table full of workers/ like oil bitch I'm tailored for the surface/ & this encore aint ready for the curtains / yeah nigga searching for safe side/ looking for a bandwagon, no rides man / I been doing this since the eighties/ add five man/ Was established when that crack came from cocaine


Hidden in plain sight/ I’m doing more than better/ fuck a diamond bezel /I got more endeavors/ I get high on life, ash on the rose petals/ gloss on her sexy lips, I wanna taste a little/ yeah will we ever see the fruits niggas told me yesterday I had the juice/ I guess it's true and I'm truly independent.. BITCH IM LIVING!!!!
Track Name: Save You
Save You
(Written & Preformed by Terrence “Gradteachem” Dunlap)

(Man speaking)

Verse 1
I can't save you I can't save you/ was never the type, baby don't like them niggas that play you/ Cause they would do u wrong take you out/ they would pay too/ just to get you back to telly, fuck you and slay you/ my nigga said you was better than that/ and I would say true/ they say that you was stripping in DOA I said not you / you healthy you don't drink/ unless it's you that you toast to/ you only put up with that bullshit because you chose to/ you and ya friends intercostal / vacations all paid by you/ how could u miss out on love, how could you let it by you/ ya father showed you love/ been there for you since 92 that makes you 22/ 22 he’s been around you, years.. how could u let em interfere / you ain't hood you gangsta, you was raised up on a hill/ and starting to think it's time for you to finally switch gears/ But that’s something that you might not wanna hear.. but here it is..

Pre Hook
I cant save you, I cant save you now, I cant save you I cant save you, NOW.. I cant save you NOW I cant save you..

I could never see the places you was going / cause u acted so much different around them niggas you was going, with.. and I can't save you cause you out too deep ,I can't swim so I was forced to turn another cheek

Verse 2

I was forced to go alone without you/ I was forced to make a song about you/ guess it was all written for someone to come in, reroute you / I would make like shit didn't hurt, took every single once to/ shit imma G and MOB is what we practice nigga/ but like A.I. what is practice what is practice nigga/ girl this aint you and this ain't me/ and every LOVE come wit a fee/ so let me pay it at the front just like paying at the pump.. (just like paying at the pump) I was the one that probably could make a difference / you had a kid without me, no need of assistance / I had ya legs shaking/ I gave you the business / now everything is outta focus, ain't how I envisioned/ but what’s planned is often damned, so if she came back/ we'll start all over again / make like nothing did happen / then become friends again/ but if she leaves again/ I can't save her after then ugh

Pre Hook
(Man Continue’s speaking)
Track Name: OMO ft DunlapExclusive

(Written & Preformed by Terrence “Gradteachem” Dunlap & Charles “DunlapExclusive” Dunlap)

Hook (Gradteachem)

I always knew it…
I was gone make it on my own x3
I always knew it…
I was gone make it on my own x3
I always knew it…
I was gone make it on my own x3
I always knew it…
I was gone make it on my own x3

Verse 1 (Gradteachem)

Patience aint something that I would just strive to be better in/ impatient and lately they saying I’m better than anyone heard in the inner city/ but I just stay witty & fuck all the pity/ I dranked all my liquor tell valet come get me/ I’m Hilton right now, Paris Hilton come down / I got thoughts on yo sextape/ I’m listening right now.. I can feel hate from a distance/ I could put more in these sentences / she's nowhere being consistent / she fuck all the rappers but diss her own dentist/ with words imma chemist, creatively I would not need your assistance/ she curved ever nigga now her life consist of her feeding her kittens & that's it.

“She act like it's every nigga/ She act like it's every nigga/ She act like its every nigga that done did her wrong” x2


Verse 2 (DunlapExclusive)
Moment of silence
Ghost ,Me and Grad Kosher
We pull up in the parking lot
They be talking
And then they conversations is over
I told her we could be together
I texted her back,
I lied.
I just spent 3000 on a sweater,
It was fly.
I’m In L.A. on my own
Got a female human money counter no thongs.
Mindless Behavior
Bank account got alligators we eating,
I be chilling with celebrities,
I'm a celebrity, fuck it we winning.
And its Rothschild,
And it's Rothschild.

Track Name: Want-To
(Written & Preformed by Terrence “Gradteachem” Dunlap)

(Bernie Mac Speaking)


Want-To/ judge me if you Want-To.. Want-To I know you niggas Want-To, Want-To judge me if you Want-To, Want-To, My Nigga judge me If you Want-To !!

Verse 1

Yeah, On my 1 - 2, you can see me on my 1-2/ 1st mistake that you niggas make, is telling what you gone do/ I done seen way better side I'm just tryina make it back for the round 2/ Roof top Red Carpet @ awards shows/ you'll be probably fucked up in the head if you seen it to/

ugh that’s all that I wanted that’s all that I wanted/ let's be silent one moment 1 time for the critics that kept me g-going and made sure I pushed harder/ this is a no key starter/ when they see me they see horror/ when they book me they get all of me.. all of them bitches they feel my aura ..


Verse 2

I love my girls red and my bitches do to/ at Any angle that ass is obtuse/ when she aint going we take different routes/ all expenses is paid watch them girlies get loose/ I don't see much apologizing / I just did me and I strategized it/ that vehicle leased but they still surround it/ I'm just trying to get money so I can change my surroundings/ word to my nigga “Nap”

(Bernie Mac Speaking)


Verse 3

Imma tell ya lil story, bout a nigga wit a story (OK) / started rapping cause a nigga had a story/ mama raised him up to never ever be on Maury/ I just touched down and I'm back for the porridge/ Mic 1- 2 like the hook or chorus/ oh lord how'd I make this money off my chords, VOCALS, I’m all about my action like a verb, I’m FOCUS
ugh That's all that I wanted, that's all that I wanted/ I get dome in the evening and morning no planning no muhfuckin warnings , she tell me to push harder, she says it's no key to start her/ I’m like this is somebodies daughter/ but I’m on Remy that Goose & that Jack and some other concoction/ and I’m like..


(Bernie Mac Speaking)
Track Name: Informant ft STAN

(Written & Preformed by Terrence “Gradteachem” Dunlap & Stanley Edward “STAN” Bender JR)

Verse 1

I can probably kill the track without "man" hearing me on it/ never laid a verse they just hearing me on it / killing beats never once send a condolence/ Imma muh’fuckin star, Let me twinkle a moment/ You never seen me so... where ya George informant/ telling stories bout me nigga make sure that they current/ you a good girl or bad it's just hard to discern it/ you a preacher girl, preaching oh lord what a woman/ ugh yeah I gotta place where my niggas going/ to the top like what you unscrewing/ & I vowed to never tell my partners who I’m screwing/ cause that shit could weird / I just don't be for it/ yeah, niggas say they knowing/ saying that they got bricks like the sky snowing/ I just fucked a bad bitch in a sky scrapper/ and her hopes of fuckin me/ to get to high places, DAMN/ I just know that I'm the best, to get to hood niggas gotta penetrate the vest/ & I ain't talking bullets talking words from my breathe/ I’m not a hood nigga but respected like I'm there/ yeah, I put my city on/ but to put my city on, I left my city home/ ATL to California like my second home/ man this shit can get big, I'm talking metro dome..


Ohh I , tell me who sent you bish tell me who sent you

A million words spoken thru 1 candid picture

I don't Fuck round wit new niggas I’m serious

So get them new niggas from round me, I'm serious..

Post Hook

GRADTEACHEM Speaking during post hook

Verse 2 (STAN)
Ugh, I got heaven at my feet. Angle on her knees Red bull i give her wings/ wanna take flight let her blow the OG/ That’s 25 years on this earth nigga please/ I’m from a place where they kill you for a burger/ tell me what’s beef when we talking bout murder/ Stick to the script drop a nigga like curtains/ What the fuck you niggas get for acting nervous, Whats your purpose? Huh? / So Tell me what’s ya angle/ I came to make money, fuck friends what you came for? / I shine bright without a chain on/ Its been four days and I aint change clothes/ I get it out the mud/ I done, done so much dirt I’m surprised I aint locked up/ But then again I don’t answer the phone when it's unknowns that pop up/

And I don’t fuck round with these new niggas no more I know/ The only reason they around me cause I got that glow/ Cause you wasn’t around when I had way more less than this/ So when they come around, talking bout helping out my only fucking question is…