OMO ft DunlapExclusive

from by Gradteachem

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Chant it!! "I WAS GONE MAKE IT ON MY OWN" This is an all around record for anyone that's ever faced adversity & pulled thru and now all you can say is "I always knew IT!!!" Pop this in & give yourself a pat on the back cause you MADE IT!! In addition Grad brings his Grammy Award Winning brother out on this one!! DunlapExclusive delivered an animated yet crafty verse to an already splendid record.. TALK ABOUT ICING ON THE CAKE!! Well done Brothers!!



(Written & Preformed by Terrence “Gradteachem” Dunlap & Charles “DunlapExclusive” Dunlap)

Hook (Gradteachem)

I always knew it…
I was gone make it on my own x3
I always knew it…
I was gone make it on my own x3
I always knew it…
I was gone make it on my own x3
I always knew it…
I was gone make it on my own x3

Verse 1 (Gradteachem)

Patience aint something that I would just strive to be better in/ impatient and lately they saying I’m better than anyone heard in the inner city/ but I just stay witty & fuck all the pity/ I dranked all my liquor tell valet come get me/ I’m Hilton right now, Paris Hilton come down / I got thoughts on yo sextape/ I’m listening right now.. I can feel hate from a distance/ I could put more in these sentences / she's nowhere being consistent / she fuck all the rappers but diss her own dentist/ with words imma chemist, creatively I would not need your assistance/ she curved ever nigga now her life consist of her feeding her kittens & that's it.

“She act like it's every nigga/ She act like it's every nigga/ She act like its every nigga that done did her wrong” x2


Verse 2 (DunlapExclusive)
Moment of silence
Ghost ,Me and Grad Kosher
We pull up in the parking lot
They be talking
And then they conversations is over
I told her we could be together
I texted her back,
I lied.
I just spent 3000 on a sweater,
It was fly.
I’m In L.A. on my own
Got a female human money counter no thongs.
Mindless Behavior
Bank account got alligators we eating,
I be chilling with celebrities,
I'm a celebrity, fuck it we winning.
And its Rothschild,
And it's Rothschild.



from TheBeforeEp, track released June 16, 2015



all rights reserved


Gradteachem Atlanta, Georgia

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