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Judge Grad if you Want-To, frankly-put it seems he could care less!! With an exert from one of his favorite comedians, the late "Bernie Mac". This record is comedic yet extremely lyrical. Grad explains his trips to Red Carpet Award shows & his quest to get back to attend many more!! This record actually puts me in a vibe of a Jcole record, its def a classic!!


(Written & Preformed by Terrence “Gradteachem” Dunlap)

(Bernie Mac Speaking)


Want-To/ judge me if you Want-To.. Want-To I know you niggas Want-To, Want-To judge me if you Want-To, Want-To, My Nigga judge me If you Want-To !!

Verse 1

Yeah, On my 1 - 2, you can see me on my 1-2/ 1st mistake that you niggas make, is telling what you gone do/ I done seen way better side I'm just tryina make it back for the round 2/ Roof top Red Carpet @ awards shows/ you'll be probably fucked up in the head if you seen it to/

ugh that’s all that I wanted that’s all that I wanted/ let's be silent one moment 1 time for the critics that kept me g-going and made sure I pushed harder/ this is a no key starter/ when they see me they see horror/ when they book me they get all of me.. all of them bitches they feel my aura ..


Verse 2

I love my girls red and my bitches do to/ at Any angle that ass is obtuse/ when she aint going we take different routes/ all expenses is paid watch them girlies get loose/ I don't see much apologizing / I just did me and I strategized it/ that vehicle leased but they still surround it/ I'm just trying to get money so I can change my surroundings/ word to my nigga “Nap”

(Bernie Mac Speaking)


Verse 3

Imma tell ya lil story, bout a nigga wit a story (OK) / started rapping cause a nigga had a story/ mama raised him up to never ever be on Maury/ I just touched down and I'm back for the porridge/ Mic 1- 2 like the hook or chorus/ oh lord how'd I make this money off my chords, VOCALS, I’m all about my action like a verb, I’m FOCUS
ugh That's all that I wanted, that's all that I wanted/ I get dome in the evening and morning no planning no muhfuckin warnings , she tell me to push harder, she says it's no key to start her/ I’m like this is somebodies daughter/ but I’m on Remy that Goose & that Jack and some other concoction/ and I’m like..


(Bernie Mac Speaking)


from TheBeforeEp, track released June 16, 2015



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Gradteachem Atlanta, Georgia

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