Informant ft STAN

from by Gradteachem

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"Informant! Who sent You??" With Grad moving further in his career he Paints the perfect picture of people w/ unhealthy motives behind their relationships with him. Both MC's definitely brought their "A" game to this record. The ambience of the track is a plus, & not to mention STAN's Melodic singing at the end of his verse!! Perfect!! Well did Gentlemen!!



(Written & Preformed by Terrence “Gradteachem” Dunlap & Stanley Edward “STAN” Bender JR)

Verse 1

I can probably kill the track without "man" hearing me on it/ never laid a verse they just hearing me on it / killing beats never once send a condolence/ Imma muh’fuckin star, Let me twinkle a moment/ You never seen me so... where ya George informant/ telling stories bout me nigga make sure that they current/ you a good girl or bad it's just hard to discern it/ you a preacher girl, preaching oh lord what a woman/ ugh yeah I gotta place where my niggas going/ to the top like what you unscrewing/ & I vowed to never tell my partners who I’m screwing/ cause that shit could weird / I just don't be for it/ yeah, niggas say they knowing/ saying that they got bricks like the sky snowing/ I just fucked a bad bitch in a sky scrapper/ and her hopes of fuckin me/ to get to high places, DAMN/ I just know that I'm the best, to get to hood niggas gotta penetrate the vest/ & I ain't talking bullets talking words from my breathe/ I’m not a hood nigga but respected like I'm there/ yeah, I put my city on/ but to put my city on, I left my city home/ ATL to California like my second home/ man this shit can get big, I'm talking metro dome..


Ohh I , tell me who sent you bish tell me who sent you

A million words spoken thru 1 candid picture

I don't Fuck round wit new niggas I’m serious

So get them new niggas from round me, I'm serious..

Post Hook

GRADTEACHEM Speaking during post hook

Verse 2 (STAN)
Ugh, I got heaven at my feet. Angle on her knees Red bull i give her wings/ wanna take flight let her blow the OG/ That’s 25 years on this earth nigga please/ I’m from a place where they kill you for a burger/ tell me what’s beef when we talking bout murder/ Stick to the script drop a nigga like curtains/ What the fuck you niggas get for acting nervous, Whats your purpose? Huh? / So Tell me what’s ya angle/ I came to make money, fuck friends what you came for? / I shine bright without a chain on/ Its been four days and I aint change clothes/ I get it out the mud/ I done, done so much dirt I’m surprised I aint locked up/ But then again I don’t answer the phone when it's unknowns that pop up/

And I don’t fuck round with these new niggas no more I know/ The only reason they around me cause I got that glow/ Cause you wasn’t around when I had way more less than this/ So when they come around, talking bout helping out my only fucking question is…



from TheBeforeEp, track released June 16, 2015



all rights reserved


Gradteachem Atlanta, Georgia

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