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Grad uses a more laid back approach on this record, illustrating his past lifestyle & current !! The Hook is sooo CATCHY " idk idk ie ie ie!!!! lol He also shouts out his record company along with label mates, his brother DunlapExclusive & friend Dutch!!


“IDK” –Gradteachem
(Written & Preformed by Terrence “Gradteachem” Dunlap)

Verse 1

ugh I could probably be the man but you probably doubt me/ not a
Believer cause the people round u doubt me, I be...wit all the models/ club promoters, you just in the lobby/ give me chance to introduce me/ would you please allow me/ the opposites attract that's why u always at my parties/ oh it ain't cool no more nobody throwing back the mollies/ you went to college but yo ass didn't finish college/ so much ass in my class/ I just went for bodies… I’m so ashamed, I’m so a’fucking shamed/ I put ya number in my phone but I ain't save ya name / these bitches too temporary like a fake chain/ and I'm just trying hump on ya call ya Notre Dame/& I aint never show emotions like a poker game/ but I will text emoljis to yo main thang…./ I’m in Houston tippin on em aint a thang Changed.. rip to pimp/ I asked my dawg yesterday how much the rental rent/ I had a show and needed wheels to get us back to Richmond/ my homie Dutch He the realist niggas back in Richmond/ he copped the rental/ said he got me now we back in business .. I'm hopping out telling niggas we the best that did it / Rothschild is the label I’m the lieutenant/ sometimes-I’m-lost/ I need 20/20.. Where is Barbara Walters at I need my 20/20.. ugh young nigga how u really feel/ oh I ain't playing right / let's level at the playing field/ bet a dollar shoot a dollar put 50 mil/ bitch I put everything on me, idk I don't feel you lil homies/ my security the best make a move on me/ they'll rip ya ass apart now ur 2 homies..

Pre Hook

If you ain't know, nigga talk about it/ they don't wanna see the truth they just walk around it / they ain't never in the booth/ ain't recording nothing/ they just there smoke tree ain't created nothing/ they just talking bout them broads they ain't bussin nothing / they aint riding all them cars / they ain't up & coming.. yeah they paid for all them shows/ Show what's coming from it.. idk nigga I don't know just keep it funky..

Hook x8
IDK IDK ie ie ie !!

Verse 2
Reporting live from the staples center, bad bish I’d prefer chicks independent/ right hand on the bible lord is my witness/ I been partying too much I should scale it back/ I been living life empty pass another glass/ now I'm drowning in my thoughts call a fucking cab/ oh you laughing to the bank, I forgot to laugh/ here’s a couple/ (laughs) chuckles for you fucking funny guys/ we out here working in our circuits you just ride the tides/ its such a pleasant day in paradise to hang glide/ jet ski’s how ya chick be/ I only left for moment & she miss me/ them girls faster than a mah’ fuckin 10 speed/ that's y I wrap it up twice/ she assist me x2 / ugh yeah ... it's kinda funny how them niggas do ya/ back in school they didn’t want me on a track wit em/ now they reaching for feature/ I don’t rack wit em, I mean rock wit em/ lean wit it rock wit em/ round the time they made lean wit rock wit em / my brother had the old caprice/ wit the drop in it / you can hear em down the way nigga idk

Pre Hook
Hook x8


from TheBeforeEp, track released June 16, 2015



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Gradteachem Atlanta, Georgia

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