B​*​tch I'm Living

from by Gradteachem

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Grad's Single which is published on Youtube: ( Gradteachem "Bitch Im Living") is a high energy record that's guaranteed to spark emotion.. with lines like "When I made it buy my Momma a house" & "Like Oil Bitch, I'm tailored for the surface" you know his here to wreck sh*t!! (sorry for my language) THIS IS A MUST LISTEN!!


B*tch I’m Living
(Written & Preformed by Terrence “Gradteachem” Dunlap)

“Let me live”
“that’s all I ask”


Bitch I’m living!!

That’s what I tell them Fuck niggas pussy niggas why you staring take a picture

Been recording all night, till the morning like I ain't even ate dinner

“Bitch I’m living” x5 / Don't tell a Fuck nigga how u living cause they'll probably try to get ya!!

Verse 1

Its probably DOA to MAGIC CITY/ MAGIC CITY then them bitches hit the mattress wit me / shit I done grown allot them niggas used to call me peasy/ didn’t have it hard but the road to riches wasn't easy/ and.. I swear when I made it/ buy my momma a house/ man I'm bout to show em what the teachem about/ ugh after shit that I done been thru/ I never ask for shit, man fuck yo sentimental.. I done did this shit alone/ So many places that I cant be/ shit I would need myself a clone/ making it out was the only thing I was ever really on/ I told em when its time they would drop every dime/ and it will equal up the time, that I spent on you fuck niggas/ when you see me Instagram the picture/ ugh so my Brother won a Grammy/ and my Momma dance for Ojays/ it was bound for this to happen u just mad because I'm ok/ I'm talking great big smiles like koolaid/ concrete rose I'm the bouquet/ running through my city like Diddy, Bobby Booyah/ business meetings over soufflé & you can bet I’m getting ahead like toupees .. yeah u betta tell em to alert ya/ I’m trying sit at the foot of a table full of workers/ like oil bitch I'm tailored for the surface/ & this encore aint ready for the curtains / yeah nigga searching for safe side/ looking for a bandwagon, no rides man / I been doing this since the eighties/ add five man/ Was established when that crack came from cocaine


Hidden in plain sight/ I’m doing more than better/ fuck a diamond bezel /I got more endeavors/ I get high on life, ash on the rose petals/ gloss on her sexy lips, I wanna taste a little/ yeah will we ever see the fruits niggas told me yesterday I had the juice/ I guess it's true and I'm truly independent.. BITCH IM LIVING!!!!


from TheBeforeEp, track released June 16, 2015



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Gradteachem Atlanta, Georgia

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